Win a Selfie Portrait worth € 50

For a chance to win a Selfie Portrait enter your Selfie


N.B. Single head shots only.

This promotion will last 1 month ( Closes on Monday 7th December )after which the winning Selfie Portrait will be revealed and the winner will receive his/her Selfie Portrait free of charge.
The Selfie Portrait will be in Watercolour on A4 size (Standard Page) Watercolour paper mounted ready for framing and a digital copy will also be provided

For €50 you can order your own Selfie Portrait or have one painted for a friend. You can also use it in your Facebook personal profile..that would be different. When you upload your selfie just message me to say you want a painting and I'll work away and contact you when it's complete.


For other portraits and paintings the cost will increase according to the size, medium, and subject of the painting.

Watercolour Paintings

Watercolour is my favourite medium and it is hard to beat the translusent feel of a watercolour painting but, it is a matter of personal taste. Watercolour paintings need to be framed in glass or perspex.

Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic medium is very versitile and can be used to create the effects of both oil and watercolour. If a stretched canvas is used as the surface it can be hung unframed. Acrylic paintings look a lot like oil paintings and have a lot of advantages over oil. Being a more modern water-based flexible medium they are less likely to crack or fade.

Cost of Comissioning a Painting

As an artist each painting is a journey and sometimes I surprise myself as to where I end up. So, in order to get to where we both want, I will need your involvement and input. In fact it is a journey for both of us. I want to reach a point were your expectations are fulfilled, and I too am satisfied with my work. Given that each person has a different personal taste, this can be difficult, or even impossible at times. That is why I find it so much easier as an artist to sell a painting I have already produced!
As a rough rule of thumb it costs €50 for a single subject A4 (standard page size ) watercolour and €100 for a similar sized Acrylic on stretched canvas.
If you wish to commission a painting I would be delighted hear from you. You'll find my contact details



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