Art Show

Gerry's Gallery Art Show is available for locations in the North Louth area and may be of interest to Clubs, Pubs, Parish Fundraising Committees, Charities, Sports or indeed any event organisers where there are people gathered. Enhance your social or fundraising event with an Art Show. Create a focus of interest and discussion where people can meet and chat uninterrupted. Almost everyone will have some opinion. The Art Show will give people an opportunity to met and chat around their favourite conversation piece.


Indoor locations are needed and there should be enough space for people to stand back and look at the paintings. The floor needs to be fairly level to accommodate the display stands. Children will need to be supervised to ensure their safety and the enjoyment of all. The stands ensure that no paintings need to be hung on the walls and I can provide up to five stands (enough to display up to 90 paintings).


The terms will differ for each event depending on such things as: etc. Transport and display costs will need to be paid but, the total cost will depend on the other factors.


Advance notice will give me time to create some work of local interest.