About Me

I am a self-taught artist. with a passion for drawing and painting .At present I in work mostly in watercolour and acrylic mediums.

I suppose I had an interest in graphics from an early age and never thought much of my ability to draw. My interest was in communication and getting a message across but I got praise and encouragement for my efforts.So I thought I had some skill I could bank on in the future.

My skills at drawing seemed unlikely to provide me with a sustainable future career but, had there been openings for graphic design, I dare say that, I would have been tempted to follow that path.

As it happened I had a long career as a Telecoms Technician and I suppose this is what influences my approach to drawing and painting today. I am not an artist who just draws what’s inside his head, nor do I have some inner emotion I wish to get out or share with the world. Although I understand and sympathise, I have no great need to communicate such things.

My quest is much more simple. I just want to observe and recreate the world around me. A blank canvas or sheet of paper is “space” to be explored and imagination to be exercised.

I think I should communicate in a language the viewer understands, and not in some language the artist has invented. I like pretty pictures (apologies to those of you with more refined tastes) and I think there is still endless way of seeing the world around us.

I like inventiveness, new ideas and interpretations of life. Art, as always, is in the eye of the beholder and there is no accounting for taste. So each to his own. I paint alone and see painting and drawing as a mostly solitary activity sort of like meditation.

Art groups are good social activities and each can learn from one another.I like to travel alone and follow my own path, but picking up some tips that will save me time and avoid me going down the wrong path are always useful..
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